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Turning your passion into a paycheck

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How it all works

As a Thrive Life Consultant, you’ll be paid for the work you did yesterday, today and will do tomorrow. Here’s how you can increase your paychecks every month:

Recurring Deliveries

Every time someone orders on the Delivery Service, you'll be paid!

  • Month 1: Get 10-14% commission on all deliveries your customer processes during their first month on the Delivery Service.*
  • Month 2: Get 10% commission on all deliveries your customer processes during their second month on the Delivery Service.
  • Month 3: Get 10% commission on all deliveries your customer processes during their third month on the Delivery Service.
  • Month 4+: Get 5% commission on all recurring deliveries your customer processes after their third month on the Delivery Service
  • Get 5% commission on the first $50 of your 1st level Consultant recurring deliveries starting on their second delivery.
  • Get 5% commission on anything you spend on your personal recurring deliveries above $50 starting on your second delivery.

*Percentage varies depending on your total of new deliveries for the month

One-time Orders

One-time orders are any order that is not a part of a customer's deliveries. As a Consultant, you'll receive:

  • 10% commission on all one-time orders
  • 10% commission on your own one-time orders

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Builder Bonus

Double your payout percentage just for meeting goals!

By processing 4 new recurring deliveries and enrolling two new Consultants in a month, your payout percentage on new deliveries and starter kits increases by 50%! Do this two or more months in a row, and your payout will increase by 100%!


Team Building

  • Get 20-32% commission on starter kits for Consultants enrolling on your team, depending on your total starter kits for the month.
  • Get 30-64% commission on starter kit sales when you qualify for the Builder Bonus (see Career Plan for more details).
  • 1-2% commission on all sales (recurring deliveries and one-time orders) made by your team members up to 3 levels deep if monthly responsibilities are met
  • 0.5% commission on all team sales made by levels 4-6 when qualified as an Emerald
  • Bonus gift when you reach each new rank
  • Quick cash paid out every week you sign up a new Consultant with the ASAP bonus

Keep The Rewards Rolling In

Your rewards don’t stop at your commission check! Here’s how you can earn additional perks for meeting goals and building a team!

ASAP Bonus

When you sign up a new Consultant, you’ll be paid 20% of new starter kit sales in an ASAP bonus the following week! At the end of the month when your sales volume is final, the remaining percentage earned from your starter kit sales will be paid out to you in your monthly commission check!

Fast Track

Earn over $600 in gifts and product credit for building your business in your first 100 days as a Consultant.

Fan Perks

Earn free and half-off product when you host your own Thrive Life tasting!

Supply Benefit

Need more supplies for your tastings? Get free product by earning supply benefits when you are the Consultant of a tasting.


Receive corporate leads for earning the Builder Bonus or ranking up.


Rank Advancements

The first time you qualify for commission at each rank above Consultant, you'll get an exclusive gift for breaking rank!

Mentor: Thrive Life Blanket
Director: Thrive Life Jacket
Executive: Pantry Organizer
Silver: Bosch Mixer
Gold: iPad with Thrive Life Case
Platinum: Laptop
Emerald: $2,000 Kitchen Makeover

Plus, when you reach the rank of Executive, you'll qualify to receive services from an Elite representative at the corporate office!


Ready for a vacation

Qualify for an all-inclusive Fantasy Getaway every year by building your business, and escape into luxury!

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